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Who are we ?

30 September 2013
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ADEXSOL can help you with:

- Better understanding and analysing needs of the hospital and healthcare world in order to build an offer meeting key players’ needs.

- Setting up training for industry sales forces and managers on topics related to organisation and functioning of the hospital.

- Carrying out market research, polls and opinion trackers.

- Organising events nationally or regionally: conferences, workshops, seminars, and scientific boards.

- Developing your Market Access strategies.

We have a wide network of stakeholders (parliamentarian, elected representatives, clinic and hospital directors, presidents of drug committees, unions leaders, associations, etc.)

We also benefit from partnerships with communication agencies, newspapers and other services allowing us to offer global solutions while still being close to your needs.

ADEXSOL is also based in London and therefore can help English speaking companies in their development in the French market.

In a healthcare context continuously affected by major changes, ADEXSOL can provide you with its expertise and knowledge of stakeholders and their needs, with high levels of quality and ethic.

Listening, responsiveness and broad expertise are our strengths.

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